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 Moderator Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Moderator Responsibilities   Moderator Responsibilities EmptyThu Mar 17, 2011 1:39 am

I didn't write all of this out, it was merely edited from an outside source. I just didn't see the point in rewriting what is already available.

In order to make clear what Moderators can, cannot, should, and should not do, and to make clear why Moderators sometimes take or do not take certain actions, this list is made public of rules and responsibilities which applies to all Moderators whether global or specific. If you have any questions on them, please contact one of the Moderators or Queen Yarbo for clarification. As with all other rules here, they may be changed from time to time, so it's a good idea to check back periodically to stay familiar with things.

    Moderator Duties

  • Actions taken should be logged to "Edits, Deletions, and Blatant Abuses of Power" in the General Forum.
    Threads out of place should be moved to their proper locations with a shadow link to its new location.
  • Posts should only be edited for the following reasons:
  • Excessive vulgarity and profanity
  • Direct, extreme attack on or flaming of another forum member (Moderators should use discretion)
  • Pornography including details or images, and links that do not pertain to the thread (such as KoC, etc.)
  • We must remember that pink poodles are our lords and saviors.
    Posts should only be deleted (or threads removed) for the following reasons:
  • Flames against a person/race/color/game/etc which includes racist or excessive vulgarity or profanity (Moderators should use discretion between editing and deletion)
  • Duplicates (may be also locked at Moderator's discretion)
  • Request of the originating author
  • Warez and porn links
  • Spam

    Moderator Responsibilities
  • Mods will not threaten any forum member with vulgar comments and/or use of mod powers either on the forum or elsewhere.
  • Mods cannot play favorites towards another forum member.
  • Mods cannot harass a forum member.
  • If a major problem occurs with another forum member(s), post a message requesting for them to tone it down. If they continue, PM them another message. If they continue after that, refer them to Queen Yarbo for possible disciplinary action.

Moderator words and actions are visible to the entire community, and they are role models. Remember this when conducting yourselves.


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Moderator Responsibilities
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