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 Yarbo's Palace

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PostSubject: Yarbo's Palace   Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:02 pm

I'll try to mainly upload my Fable fan art on here, for the the rest it just goes straight to my deviantArt. Since this is my first post and I don't have too much pictures I'll just show you what I have done so far~ I have A LOT in the works. I'm just really busy with the forum, tests, and perfecting the forum.

Here I'll post the list of which page a certain picture is one.

Kill Shot
My first Fable fan art, this started as a doodle that got way out of hand. I still don't understand why Reaver isn't wearing a shirt.


You like it, you know it.


I Ride Bare-Back, Baby
Fuck Yeah, unicorns. This picture isn't suppose to have a background, but my Sai is buggy right now. For some reason it won't give me the option when saving as PNG to remove the background.


The first of many Lady Gaga inspired pictures of Reaver. I have at least one more planned, and the new album isn't even out.


Our Albion
This is what the logo is SUPPOSE to look like. I Should of drawn it in the right size, I know. It was just easier this way.

I posted this also as an example for an idea on how to set up your art topic :3
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Yarbo's Palace
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